Kingsley’s latest insight looks at how we help you build a sustainably run business through an effective print marketing strategy, and how ethically sourced materials can help increase sales.

“In 2023, sustainability-conscious shopper segment represented 22% of shoppers. These consumers spend almost $500 billion in the FMCG market each year, with this projected to reach $1 trillion by 2027.” (Kantar, Who Cares? Who Does? study). 

A key component when it comes to engaging with the sustainability-conscious shopper segment, is your brand’s print marketing collateral and packaging.

“73% of Gen Zers are willing to pay more for sustainable products.” (Jodie Shaw – Kadence International).

The latest consumer demographics reflect how Gen Z and Millennials are placing their loyalty with companies that provide transparency around the sustainability of their products.

As the Gen Z and Millennials generations grow in purchasing power, integrating sustainable print solutions will help you align your business with your consumers evolving values.


In 2020, the European paper and cardboard recycling rate was 82% – the highest of any packaging material. (Eurostat, 2020).

Paper is a renewable and biodegradable resource, unlike plastic, which takes years to break down, threatens wildlife and releases toxins. However, it’s not just material that can impact a sustainable approach to business. Recent studies have shown the environmental and social damage technology, and subsequent electronic waste is having through discarded electrical products:

“In 2019, the industry was responsible for 53.6 million metric tonnes of e-waste across the world. That’s equivalent to the weight of 350 cruise ships. E-waste is expected to increase to 74.7 Mt by 2030 and reach as much as 110 Mt by 2050, unless we change our practices.” (Two Sides UK – Global Transboundary E-waste Flows Monitor, 2022).

In a world of prominent digitalisation, there is also a lot to be said for the impact a palpable printed material can have on your audience. Print collateral has a longer lifespan than digital and email communication, resulting in a higher conversion rate and connection with consumers.


Your product’s print & packaging is your silent salesperson, playing a vital role in the final sale, so it is important to get it right.

For our clients at Kingsley, we successfully combine the fundamentals of premium design with the highest quality sustainable materials. We continually refine and update our print processes, whilst simultaneously seeking out the latest eco-friendly products to add to our portfolio.

If you want to improve the sustainability of your overall business print or packaging, then switching to Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified material can make a significant difference.

As Kingsley is certified with the FSC®, we are allowed to add the relevant FSC® logos to your printed items. The FSC® certification is a globally recognised symbol that informs consumers that the material comes from a renewable and ethically harvested source.

As well as the FSC®, there are other notable organisations that represent a hallmark for sustainability, which include the World Land Trust and Woodland Trust.

The World Land Trust is an international conversation charity, that protects the world’s most biologically significant and threatened habitats. Patrons of the Trust include Sir David Attenborough, Chris Packham, and David Gower.

Closer to home, the Woodland Trust is the largest woodland conservation charity in the United Kingdom. Kingsley can offer our customers a full range of carbon balanced material through the World Land Trust and Woodland Trust.


Kingsley can work with you to create a physical representation of your eco-friendly credentials, by advising you across our extensive range of recycled and eco-friendly products.

Consumer behaviour is evolving, with more and more consciously leaning towards businesses that prioritise eco-friendly productions. Integrating sustainable print solutions into your marketing strategy throughout 2024 is going align yourself with a passion point that will continue to grow with your customer base!


Kingsley Packaging is part of Kingsley Print, which was established in 1981. We continue to move with the times and technology to stay on top within the industry. We took our green credentials to the next level by introducing Kingsley O3, a completely new and environmentally aware division that complies with all appropriate environmental legislation, regulations and established best practices.