Colour: Colour is one of the most important representations of your brand. Use colour as your main packaging theme to create something memorable and a true reflection of your brand.

If you want to print a metallic colour, then it’s important to use a coated material. Metallic ink will look dull when printed on uncoated stock.

If you are printing on brown kraft material then black, other dark shades or white print will standout well, but avoid pastel or other pale colours.

Sustainability: Updating your packaging to be more eco-friendly has never been easier, with options and alternatives developing every day.

Producing kraft packaging in a natural brown colour with black print is an excellent way of giving your product an authentic eco-friendly feel.

The FSC® certification is a globally recognised symbol that informs consumers that the paper or other pulp material comes from a renewable and ethically harvested source. Using FSC® certified materials and featuring the FSC® logo on your packaging delivers a hallmark for sustainability.

We also encourage you to include the recycling symbol as part of your design.

Patterns: The introduction of a pattern can help deliver eye-catching packaging. Contrasting or complementary colours, combined with unique shapes create a cohesive feeling over your entire box design.

It works well using a pattern on the sides of your box but leave the front plain with nothing more than your logo. This draws in the eye to focus on your logo.

Material is king: Taking a step back with your packaging design is a great way to stand out. There are many innovative packaging ideas that fit the minimalist design style.

It might be as simple as using nothing but your own logo and letting the natural texture of the material do the talking. Textured material can add a tactile quality to your packaging. This can be complemented when you give your logo a foiled finish.

The unboxing experience: For many products, the packaging is the first physical touchpoint between your brand and your customer. Taking onboard this principle, the unboxing experience can make a big difference.

Consider your branding inside the box. That might be a simple message like ‘thanks for choosing us’ printed on the inside lid of your box, or your brand’s main colour printed internally.

Branded tissue paper adds another touch of elegance and increases the value of your product in the eye of your customer.

Social media: We can’t ignore the fact we live in the age of social media. Adding hashtags or your social media handles on your packaging allows customers to tag you in photos and engage with your brand.

We are also seeing more marketeers adding QR codes to their box design to help drive consumer online engagement through their packaging.


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